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"Computer Science Department"

Technical Report Series in Computer Science

Relationship CS-2005-8 May 2005

The Electronic Commerce Business-to-Business models, actors and data.

by: Barbara Meneghel
Francesco Dalla Libera

1. Introduction
2 Models of Business of the B2B
3 Some examples
4 Data and perspective of B2C and B2B



The Electronic Commerce is introduced mainly through two modality of interactions to second that the adressee of the offer is an other company (Business-to-Business, B2B) or the final consumer (Business-to-Consumer, B2C). The differences between the two tipologie of eCommerce (B2C, B2B) are translate are in deeply various strategies of sale that in interactions between the diametrically opposite economic actors. They come introduces to you and discussed some models about business characteristic of various transactions B2B, together to a series of give economic-statistical, modernizes you to you to 2004, on the diversification and the spread of market B2B and on the various incidences of the tipologie of characterized interactions.

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