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2 Models of Business of the B2B

The activity of an enterprise comes defined through Business Models, that they describe the way in which it generates yield and draws gain. The Business Model defines is strategic aspects that implemented to you of the business activity, riconducibili to the following points:

From an analysis of the more careful literature it seems than to be able to identify a series of models that are applied with happening to field B2B [ From 2002, Mouthfuls 2003, AIP 2004, Rappa 2004 ]:
  1. eShop
  2. eProcurement
  3. eAuction
  4. eMall
  5. eMarketplace
  6. Virtual Community
  7. Value Chain Service Provider
  8. Value Chain Integrator
  9. Collaboration Platform
  10. Information Brokerage
  11. eSupply Chain
Figure 1 classifies the models second two parameters: the degree of innovation and the degree of integration of the functions. As it is looked at, the model eShop, version electronic of a traditional store, introduces the degree more low than innovation and integration of the functions.
To the ends it is found instead the model Value Chain Integration, than it does not have corrispettivi in the business traditional and introduces the level higher than integration and innovation.

Figure 1 - Models of eBusiness

We examine therefore several the models in detail.
1. eShop : it is a model of type ' ' one-to-one '' with the objective to promote the company and its products or services through a channel of alternative and innovative marketing, often previewing the possibility to order and to pay online. The benefits find to you from the adoption of this model are:

2. eProcurement : it is a model of type ' ' one-to-many '' the whose main objective is to replace the normal strategies of supplying employed from the company in order to acquire the products and services of which it needs for just the production process. The purchasers deal preventively with the preferential vendors to the aim to integrate theirs catalogue in one only.
Such catalogue includes the description of the products, the times of delivery and the price negotiate of every article and come used from every assigned the purchases.
Instead waiting for that the authorized persons approve of the order and that the office purchases forwards the demand to the suppliers (a process that can demand also weeks), employs to it to you can directly formulate from their emplacement of job the order, from one list previously approved of.
The order passes through an inner process of approval, in order then to be sent electronically to the supplier, leaving in its wake one clear trace for the verifications.
That concurs with the professionals of being able itself to concentrate on the more strategic aspects of supplying, like the negotiation of contracts and the management of the suppliers. These transactions can be integrated in the management and accounting methods of the been involved enterprises.
The activity of eProcurement can be managed inner from the company or be entrusted in outsourcing to specialized external structures. The advantages are:


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